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We have an opening for incoming domestic MS students for Fall 2017.
For those interested in joining NMSL, please contact the professor.


NMSL news since March 2015.

  • May. 2017

    Lab Interview

    Our lab was interviewed by Lab by lab project. Link

  • Mar. 2017

    NSDI'17 Best Paper Award

    Donghwi Kim won the best paper award in USENIX NSDI 2017. "mOS: A Reusable Networking Stack for Flow Monitoring Middleboxes"

  • Mar. 2017

    Sooyoung Joined

    Soo Young Park Joined NMSL as an MS student!

  • Mar. 2017

    Undergraduate Researchers Joined

    NMSL welcomes four Undergraduate Researchers for the Spring semester. Hyunsung Cho, Gunwoo Kim, Juhee Lee and Ju Yeon Yoon

  • Mar. 2017

    Endowed Chair Professor Appointment

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee has been appointed as a KAIST Endowed Chair Professor.

  • Feb. 2017

    The Best TA Award

    Taesik Gong and Chunjong Park won KAIST School of Computing's the Best TA Award.

  • Feb. 2017

    The Best MS Thesis Award

    Chunjong Park won KAIST School of Computing's the Best MS Thesis Award.

  • Jan. 2017

    ACM MobiCom 2017 & ACM CoNext 2017 TPC

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee will be serving as a TPC member for ACM MobiCom 2017 & ACM CoNext 2017.

  • Oct. 2016

    WiNTECH Test-of-Time paper award

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee has won the ACM WiNTECH Test-of-Time paper award.

  • Sept. 2016

    Junhyuk joined

    Junhyuk joined NMSL as an MS student!

  • Sept. 2016

    Our two papers accepted to ACM CSCW 2017!

    Our two papers, “Don’t Bother Me. I’m Socializing!”: Breakpoint-Based Smartphone Notification System and Zaturi: We Put Together the 25th Hour for You. Create a Book for Your Baby, are accepted and will be presented at ACM CSCW 2017.

  • Aug. 2016

    FAQ page (in Korean) is added

    We created a FAQ page (in Korean) for prospective students.

  • Jun. 2016

    NMSL at MobiSys '16

    Joon Gyum successfully presented our demo, 'MilliCat: Real-Time Autonomous Image Suggestion for Mobile Messaging', at ACM MobiSys '16.

  • Mar. 2016

    Taesik, Soowon joined

    Here are new members of NMSL!
    Taesik Gong, 1st year MS student
    Soowon Kang, 1st year MS student

  • Mar. 2016

    Donghwi, Hyunwoo, Jungsuk joined

    Here are new members of NMSL!
    Donghwi Kim, 1st year Ph.D student
    Hyunwoo Choi, 1st year MS student
    Jungsuk Oh, 1st year MS student

  • Feb. 2016

    NMSL at HotMobile '16

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee, Chunjong, and Joon Gyum attended and successfully presented our paper and poster at HotMobile '16.

  • Feb. 2016

    Sunwoo joined

    Sunwoo Kim, a 2nd year Ph.D student, joined NMSL.

  • Jan. 2016

    Our poster accepted to HotMobile '16

    Our poster, 'Mitigating Smartphone Interruptions During Social Interactions', is accepted and will be presented at ACM HotMobile '16

  • Dec. 2015

    Our paper accepted to HotMobile '16
  • Dec. 2015

    MobiCom 2016 TPC

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee has accepted to serve in
    ACM MobiCom 2016 TPC.

  • Nov. 2015

    Future Internet Summit 2015 Co-chair

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee and Prof. Yung-Yi co-chaired FI Summit 2015. FI Summit 2015.

  • Jul. 2015

    ICDCS 2015 best paper award
  • May 2015

    INFOCOM 2016 TPC Chair

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee has been appointed
    as IEEE INFOCOM 2016 TPC Chair.

  • Mar. 2015

    NMSL Founded

    Prof. Sung-Ju Lee founded NMSL. Chunjong and Joon Gyum joined NMSL

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